At Bouygues, three boxes are offered, and consequently three distinct bundles, all XDSL viable. The Bbox Fit, the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym.


Bbox Fit


More modest box and more modest bundle, the Bbox Fit is just viable with XDSL, so no chance of changing to fiber with this material. Here, no TV, it is in this way just the Internet and fixed communication. This communication offers calls to landlines in France and 110 different objections.


The arrangement costs € 12.99 every month for the principal year, at that point increments to € 22.99. This is a fascinating passage level offer in the event that you are just keen on the web, and you are not qualified for fiber. Really, the crate offers nothing uncommon, neither NAS nor peruser.


Bbox Must


This mid-range offer is triple play and viable with fiber if you somehow happened to have fiber. The principal year, you will pay 17.99 € every month, at that point 32.99 €. Fixed communication holds similar favorable circumstances as the Fit offer. Furthermore, the TV is showing up. 180 TV slots are accessible, just as a replay administration.


As far as equipment, the container has a recorder (a 128 GB hard drive) and the gadget is Google Cast viable.


Bbox Ultym (4k)


This crate, and this bundle, comprise the high finish of the ISP. The container is fiber viable and is legitimately triple play. The membership is at 24.99 € the initial a year, at that point increments to 39.99 € from there on. The TV administration is equivalent to on the Must proposal aside from that the TV part is 4K viable and that the gadget has the Google Assistant ready.


Fixed communication likewise profits by a similar offer, then again, actually calls to mobiles in France are additionally free.


With this bundle, you can pick, as a free choice, either a membership to LeKiosk, a TV bundle (Start by Canal or Youth Package), a music administration (Playzer), or even a 4G key.


This crate is conveyed with a repeater, so you can profit by WIFI all through your home, and with a 128GB TV recorder so you don't miss any program.


This case is intriguing on the grounds that it is very finished and at an alluring cost. Furthermore, it offers you the chance to change to fiber subsequently.


XDSL web box offer: SFR


SFR offers a case and three bundles. The case is fiber viable, obviously additionally XDSL.


SFR Starter


Passage level bundle and gear, the Starter offers 160 channels, and boundless brings in France to landlines. SFR has the identity of offering distributed storage with every one of its arrangements. With the starter offer, this stockpiling is 10 GB. On the off chance that you, at that point wish to relocate to fiber, this bundle will permit you to acquire a speed of 200 Mb/s for download, and 50 Mb/s for transfer. This bundle costs € 20 every month, for a year, at that point € 41.


SFR Power


A mid-range bundle, the force bundle offers 200 TV channels and 4K similarity. Notwithstanding free calls to French landlines, those to workstations are added, and distributed storage increments to 100 GB. This bundle is offered to you at a cost of € 26 every month for the primary year, at that point € 46 from there on.


SFR Premium


The most costly ISP offer is likewise the most complete, for € 36 every month, at that point € 56 after the initial a year, you will change to 210 TV stations. A 4K viable TV with the chance of exploiting the multi-station. Telephone, landline and portable applications are free in Europe, and online stockpiling is expanded to 1000 GB.


XDSL web box offer: Orange


Orange just offers two offers, both fiber-viable, they are additionally practical in XDSL. The Livebox bundle, and the Livebox Up bundle.




The Livebox offer expenses € 22.99 every month for the principal year, at that point € 41.99. This triple play offer incorporates 160 TV stations and boundless calls to landlines in France.


This offer may appear to be costly contrasted with the opposition, yet numerous Internet clients by and by pick Orange's administrations for the nature of the organization. Notwithstanding the administrations you pay, you additionally pick a specific significant serenity.

What is ISP (Internet service provider)

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